About GlobalSOMA

In early 2011, a group of community members came together to honor and celebrate Maplewood and South Orange, New Jersey, as diverse, international and welcoming communities. That meeting inspired a vision for the future, and the community members founded GlobalSOMA to accomplish that vision.

The Vision of GlobalSOMA is:

To support the rise of South Orange and Maplewood as the leading global suburbs of New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area. Partly as the result of our group’s efforts, the community in 2020 will have a high level of appeal to homebuyers from all over the world, including people of Asian origin, people of Latin American origin, people of African origin, and people of European origin. This international appeal will be associated with excellent schools, high and rising property values, a thriving local business environment, and a vibrant culture of inclusion and integration along with diversity.

The Mission of GlobalSOMA is:

Arts and Culture: To work with arts and cultural organizations and other groups to sponsor arts events, educational forums, and other activities that build awareness of the vision of South Orange and Maplewood as global suburbs and support for that vision.

Real Estate: To work with real estate brokers, the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race, the governing bodies of the towns, and others to support the global suburbs vision by developing effective, ethical, and legally appropriate strategies to market South Orange and Maplewood real estate to in-movers from New York City and other locations.

Education: To work with the school district and with other groups to publicize existing areas of excellence and to support the development of programs that support the global suburbs vision; such programs could include globally-based social studies classes and science classes that equip students to succeed in the Intel competition.

Outreach: To foster the creation of a sister organization, GlobalSuburbs, that would network with groups in neighboring communities and elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area to promote global suburbs and global cities.

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