Past Event: “An Unexpected Guest”

On Friday, November 2, 2012, GlobalSOMA sponsored a reading by author Anne Korkeakivi of her novel AN UNEXPECTED GUEST, an intricate story of passion and intrigue among diplomats in Paris.

GlobalSOMA Advisory Trustee Marina Budhos recently wrote in Patch about the novel:

* * *

And then I went home and bought and read her novel, An Unexpected Guest…  Its structure is clearly a peon to Mrs. Dalloway, for it takes place in one day, as a hostess, Clare, the wife of Edward, an American diplomat, is preparing for an important dinner party when the past comes knocking.  In this case—unlike Clarissa’s Peter Walsh, who has returned from his career in the Indian Civil Service, this is the haunted, geo-political past of IRA terrorism. As in Mrs. Dalloway, we track Clare as she manages her menu, her staff, and some mysterious troubles with her teenage son.  And like Mrs. Dalloway, this is a deceptively quiet surface book, yet set in present day, post 9/11 Paris, with its high red-alert tensions…

An Unexpected Guest is a patient book, impressively skillful for a first novel as Korkeakivi balances the artful arrangement of domestic life with the eruptive energy of past youthful passions, and the tension of present-day political fears.  And, to my surprise, about a third of the way through–that slow and careful build suddenly becomes a compelling page-turner that I stayed up late, racing to finish.

* * *

Below are some photos of the event. To see more photos, check out GlobalSOMA’s facebook page.

Author Anne Korkeakivi reads from her book AN UNEXPECTED GUEST

Listening to a GlobalSOMA reading by Anne Korkeakivi

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