Past Event: “Please Vote for Me”

Please Vote For Me

On Saturday, October 27, 2012, at Maplewood Memorial Library, GlobalSOMA presented a free public screening of the award-winning film by Weijun Chen, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME, which documents a competition among Chinese schoolchildren for the position of class monitor in the first school election of its kind held in China.

The film asks us to consider a number of questions: Can Democracy come to China? Does Democracy work in a classroom? Are there any parallels to our experience in the United States?

About 20 people attended GlobalSOMA’s film screening of PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. After the film, several of the attendees shared their thoughts and experiences. One young Chinese woman had gone through K – 8 in the Chinese system recalled how she had participated in exactly the kind of school monitor election portrayed in the film. Her family now lives in Maplewood. Another young man, currently at Maplewood Middle School, questioned whether the elementary students in the film had the capacity for making intelligent votes at their age. Also in attendance was the Principal of a public Middle School in New York City who said that the film challenged many of the stereotypes she had about China’s educational system.

All in all, it was a great afternoon of film and discussion.


A discussion of the film PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.

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