GlobalSOMA Covered by Patch

On August 25, 2011, both Maplewood and South Orange Patch, as well as New Jersey News Press, ran an article on GlobalSOMA. Here’s an excerpt:

Locals often talk about the diversity of the population in Maplewood and South Orange, but GlobalSOMA wants to take that conversation to a whole new — international — level.

As founding trustee Andrew Lee tells us, “GlobalSOMA’s distinctive mission is to focus on the increasingly international, multi-ethnic fabric of our towns, New Jersey, the New York metropolitan area, and the nation.”

The ultimate vision is “To support the rise of South Orange and Maplewood as the leading global suburbs of New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area.” The group aims to help the community “have a high level of appeal to homebuyers from all over the world, including people of Asian origin, people of Latin American origin, people of African origin, and people of European origin” — by 2020.

We are getting the word out!

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