One of GlobalSOMA’s central missions is outreach to three distinct groups:

(1) Neighboring Communities;

(2) Existing Community Members; and

(3) Individuals and Families who are considering whether to make South Orange and Maplewood their home.

To further this Outreach mission, we have started a GlobalSOMA podcast series called “Diversity Speaks” in which local residents of South Orange and Maplewood tell us, in their own words, about the experience of living in a truly global community. The first installment of the series is from Sangeeta.

In addition to the “Diversity Speaks” series, GlobalSOMA is exploring the creation of a sister organization, GlobalSuburbs, that would network with groups in neighboring communities and elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area to promote global suburbs and global cities.

If you are interested in participating or in helping with these programs, please contact GlobalSOMA President Andrew Lee at andrewleepost@gmail.com.

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